If the whip flashes red then shuts off repeatedly on a fully charged battery:

TIP 1: This is only relevant for earlier versions of the whip. If you have a REV4 and are experiencing a red flash, please contact customer support: Support@buyfiberflies.com

If the components in the PixelWhip are not tight, the electronics can jiggle a little bit on impact. This causes a momentary loss of electrical circuit from the battery. It's a very easy DIY fix with some needle-nose pliers.

EXPLANATION: When very loose, the lights will shut off immediately - no red blinks. When the whip is a little loose, it can blink red and shut down, as if it were a low battery.

If the retaining plate on top of the LED is loose, the electronics' capsule under it is loose and can momentarily lose the circuit connection with the battery.

SOLUTION: You need to tighten the inside plate of the flashlight end, which is called the retaining plate, located on top of the LED. Tighten that retaining plate by using small needle-nose pliers in the plate holes! 

Check out the photo: