Some people experience a little bit of confusion with the charger used for the PixelWhip Rev2 & 3

You need to plug the charger into the wall first and see the LED that indicates power, then put the battery in and see the LED of the battery charger change to red/orange, to indicate it is charging the battery.  Disregard the green LED that shows up on the charger when it isn't plugged into the wall.

Charging problems with the PixelWhip Rev4:

The Rev4 now includes a USB charger and either a USB-C or micro USB cable, unlike previous PixelWhips. Make sure to use the cable that arrived with your charger to ensure proper functioning.

Please contact customer service at if you are having any issues with your charging system.

The attached PDF is of the manual that comes with the PixelWhip Rev4. It explains how to insert the battery into the handle of your PixelWhip. Each PixelWhip should come with an 18650 battery, charger, and cable, as well as a QR code linking to a user's manual and a modes manual.

See our full online PW4 user guide.